What Happens To Your Gut Bacteria During A Colon Cleanse?

Not as much as you’d think, according to Richard Spague’s personal testing. On Ubiome, he reports he had an initial drop in numbers and some alteration in species, but everyone came right back to normal within a few days. Very hopeful for those of us undergoing colonoscopies who don’t really want to start from scratch.


Need A Primer On What A Microbiome Is?

Don’t be scared off, you can become almost as educated as an expert very quickly because the field is so new. Here’s an animated five minute cartoon version of what we know. 

Is Your Child Being Developmentally Delayed By Antibiotics?

We all know that many things can delay a child’s development. Sometimes it seems miraculous that children develop at all. Now we can show that antibiotics delay the gut’s development, affecting the entire child.

We know that antibiotics disrupt gut bacteria, and we know that disrupted gut bacteria lead to adult illnesses. So the researchers were simply connecting the dots between antibiotic use and adult illnesses.

“Researchers demonstrated that an infant’s age could be predicted within 1.3 months based on the maturity of their gut bacteria. This finding could lead to a clinical test and interventions for children whose microbiome is developmentally delayed due to antibiotics”

The greatest difficulty will be in finding a group of children with untouched, completely functional gut bacteria to use as a control group. 

Diversity In An Amazon Tribe: The Case Against Antibiotics.

Where would you find the most diverse microbiome? In New York, at Times Square, probably in someone sleeping on the ground? Nope. You’d find it somewhere remote: “the most diverse collection of bodily bacteria yet in humans among an isolated tribe of Yanomami Indians in the remote Amazonian jungles of southern Venezuela.” In comparison, “the microbiome of people living in industrialized countries is about 40 percent less diverse”.

Two Weeks of A Bad Diet Increases The Risk of Colon Cancer.

A recent study published in Nature shows that as little as two weeks of a Standard American Diet not only changed over the bacteria in the guts of rural Africans, it left behind all the markers of increased colon cancer risk.

In a world where so many of the disease factors are genetic or environmental, here’s a simple idea about how to address colon cancer risks.

The good news? African-Americans placed on a traditional rural African diet improved their risks: “African Americans were fed a high-fibre, low-fat African-style diet and rural Africans a high-fat, low-fibre western-style diet, under close supervision. In comparison with their usual diets, the food changes resulted in remarkable reciprocal changes in mucosal biomarkers of cancer risk and in aspects of the microbiota and metabolome known to affect cancer risk”

The impact of diet switch on microbiota composition and co-occurrence networks.